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  • See front page for dates
    • 25k
      • 7:30 am get to parking lot (we need to shuttle hundreds of people in)
      • 9:00 am 25k race start
      • No time limit (though we will stop you if everyone else is done)
      • 7:00 pm party finish's (or until people stay)
    • 50k
      • 6:00 am get to parking lot (you need 30 mins to be bussed, and 30 mins to checkin)
      • 7:00 am 50k race start
      • 9 hr time-limit (we will be flexible, though we will stop you if everyone else is done)
      • 12 noon 50k cutoff @ half way mark (start/finish line)(5 hrs to make one loop would not be enough to finish in 9 hrs)
      • 7:00 pm party finish's (or until people stay)
    • Rain Date: See front page


  • 90 mins before start time is advised lot arrival time.
    • We have to transfer 200+ people on one 50-person bus. This could take time.
    • You want to have time to find the Park and Ride lot, park your vehicle, get your gear together, get in line for the bus, ride the bus, and then register at the start line.


  • We require that all runners and visitors make use of our shuttle buses (running all day) to and from our parking area off of Rolling Rd. Bus fee and park entry are included in the ticket price. Shuttling will occur throughout the entire day for runners and visitors, starting at 0530.
  • In the afternoon, estimate 30-45 mins between buses.
  • You could also hike the 2 mile Soapstone trail to the parking lot

Bags and gear

  • Make sure not to bring anything of real value once you get on the busses.
  • Bring a small bag to put change of clothes etc
  • We will start a bag pile, though we CANNOT guarantee that someone is checking these or guarding them
  • Be warned.

Visitors / Spectators

  • Up to 4 spectators can come per runner
    • Let Nick know if you have more
  • They are welcome to eat and partake in the after-event…
    • HOWEVER, we kindly ask that each person eating makes a $15+ donation to the race
    • Give donations to the shirt seller, registration desk, cooks, or race directors (Nick, Jim, Sue)

Rain Date

  • If the park cancels the event due to inclement weather, a rain date will be enacted
    • See front page for rain date
    • Refunds cannot be guaranteed, though we will be considerate of particular cases

Park Entry Fee

  • $3.00 per person (in state), $5.00 per person (out of state)
    • No longer needed
    • We have included this in the ticket price!
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