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25kTrailRun + Hike + Beer&BBQ = MD HEAT Race Ultra Signup - Register Online Now! 2017 REGISTRATION OPEN! for Sat Aug 26th, 2017

Date: Saturday August 26th, 2017. Mark your calendars!

MD HEAT: A 25k or 50k all-trail running and hiking challenge and after party in Patapsco Park outside of Baltimore, MD. H.E.A.T.: High Endurance Adventure Test

Goal: To FINISH (run, hike, walk, crawl) and have a GREAT time afterwards. Timing is secondary. The PARTY after is your prize!

Volunteers: See Volunteer signup page. Will pay in BBQ and Beer :-)


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Course Description

25k (16 miles) all trail. No loops. The 50k option is two loops. One long trail on varying terrain, mostly forest shaded. Everything from rock scrambling uphills to single track downhills, to mountain bike havens and as few fireroads as possible in order to get you back on lovable dirt enlightenment. Elevation gain is estimated at 2000 ft. The trails are very technical and challenging. A great course to hike, run, or both. Its really an adventure and a beautiful park. You won't know you are 8 miles outside Baltimore. 3+ Aid Stations with plenty of water and some food. Course markings and detailed maps are planned to be included.

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Unlimited Kegs (until we run out anyway), pulled pork, burgers, hotdogs, Vegan offering. Horseshoes, Music, and Games. Race winners get bragging rights. We are renting three of the Patapsco Avalon Shelters, which have bathrooms nearby, a cold river for swimming on a scorching day, a pit for bbq, and plenty of space to enjoy ourselves.

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  • Event Date: August 26th, Saturday 2017
    • 25k
      • 7:30 am get to parking lot (we need to shuttle hundreds of people in)
      • 9:00 am 25k race start
      • No time limit (though we will stop you if everyone else is done)
      • 7:00 pm party finish's (or until people stay)
    • 50k
      • 6:00 am get to parking lot (you need 30 mins to be bussed and checkin )
      • 7:00 am 50k race start
      • 9 hr time-limit (we will be flexible, though we will stop you if everyone else is done)
      • 12 noon 50k cutoff @ half way mark (start/finish line)(5 hrs to make one loop would not be enough to finish in 9 hrs)
      • 7:00 pm party finish's (or until people stay)
    • Rain Date: Sunday August 27th, 2017 (next day)

Read more about Arrival details, and $$$ for park entry...

Location, Buses, Parking

Please do not park at Startline. All runners, attendees, spectators must shuttle in from the exterior parking lot, or we might not have our race next year!

Read more about Driving directions, Maps, and Parking details...

50k Info

There is an ultra 50k option. It will be two 16 mile loops (same loop), with fewer aid stations during the beginning and an encouraged 9 hour time-limit (we will be flexible within reason). Aid would be @ miles 8, 16, 24 and 28 - meaning you need to self-sustain for 8 miles at a time. Start time is 7am. This means getting to the parking lot and boarding the bus extra early! There is an enforced 12noon cutoff at the 16 mile (halfway start/finish) mark.


Clothing or towels or personal items will not be watched. Put your stuff in a bag, start a pile, and it should be fine. Spectators, visitors, family, etc can come. They need to park in the same lot and take the bus in. The bus runs all day long. There is NO early packet pickup. Participant checkin is race day, before the race. Volunteers, if you dont know where to go, checkin at the same runner registration desk.

NEW: All participants need one hour of volunteer park work. To ease your fears, we are making it very easy for this to be fulfilled (honor system, any outdoor, anywhere, pre-planned vol events). See the link.

Read more about Items, spectators, where to register, shirts, etc...

Stuff you can get

A freebie / goody table will replace goody bags (which were wasteful). Stuff from the likes of REI and yummy runner food companies will fill the table near registration in the morning.

Shirts can optionally be purchased when you register online. We are attempting to make the event cheaper for those who do not need a shirt for every race… however, we think that our shirts are unique and high quality (I run test them and only get athletic gear).

Read more about shirts...

Sponsors Etc

Causes / Charity

This is a not-for-profit race that benefits two major causes:

The race has its own 501c3 organization called '4Life', that both pays for any services and goods, and donates the remainder to the charities above.

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